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About us

FeatureCarsAustralia.com is a division of Rabbitte Pty Limited. We are Australia's leading feature car agent and modified car photographers. We regularly source and photograph the country's hottest street and show cars for feature articles in top ranking magazines such as Street Machine, Hot 4s, Street Commodores and Street Fords to name a few.

FeatureCarsAustralia.com was launched in January 2007 as an addition to the Rabbitte website network. The site features images from many of the photo shoots that we do for the various car magazines and is the fourth in a series of sites by Rabbitte.

One of the most common complaints received from car magazine readers is that the magazines don't run enough pictures of the feature cars. This is because magazines have limited space in which to work with. So we got to thinking; We take dozens of photos on every shoot so that the magazines have a wide choice of images to work with, yet most are never seen by the general public. Rather than have them sitting in a file somewhere we figured why not build a web site where they can be showcased to the people who really want to see more of the cars. Consider it to be a kind of an extension of the magazine features.

The site is focussed towards the car enthusiast rather than just the photographically minded visitor. In other words our galleries feature both creative AND the more informative, technically based images as well.

We are using an automated system that makes it quick and easy to keep the site updated. In short, the site will be kept up to date regularly.

We are also running a section on how to get your car featured in top Australian and international car mags. Simply follow the tutorial in the Get Featured section.

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions just drop us a line.

Enjoy your visit.

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